Some of our valued clients share their thoughts on how Inner Puppy Canine Massage has improved their pets’ physical and emotional well being.

Mary has been working on my Paco for a few weeks.  He has an odd rear end/hip/leg problem that we have never been able to figure out. From his hips to his feet there is no visible moving when he walks.  Every time Mary works on him his stride improves dramatically. He walks and runs almost like a normal dog.  It’s so obvious how much better he feels and he absolutely loves Mary!!!  He’s lying down at her feet within minutes of her arrival anticipating his massage.  Thanks Mary for all you do for our Paco!  – Natty & Bill

Thanks so much for Jessie’s massage.  She was “full of it” yesterday.  I took her to the school and all my patients yesterday could not believe how spunky she was.  As always, you make a big difference in her quality of life.  Thanks so much. –   Dede

Newman was really great after his massage.  David was amazed by how well he was doing (he was out of town when you gave the first one.)  He seems to be able to hear better and he even climbed on the couch last night, which he hasn’t tried in a while… – Greg

Just wanted to tell you what a difference Mabel’s massage has made in her general demeanor over the past few days. She has been happier and generally a much more easygoing dog.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! – Amanda and Spencer

Roscoe is doing really well. I took him for a walk on Saturday – not too long – and to the off-leash dog park at Chatfield on Sunday. He used his “bad” leg quite a bit, especially yesterday at the dog park. So I do believe that the time you spent with him on Saturday really made a difference… – Jacolyn

I think Soma feels awesome! Took him to Chatfield and he ran like a crazy dog. Then swam for a few hours fetching sticks. Also, he jumped into the car twice today. Amazing!!! – Jennifer